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Charly Forrester Kuecks

Creative Writer and Content Strategist

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Who Am I?

After graduating with a degree in French Literature and studying business in grad school, I spent the next decade honing my skills as a writer, editor, and manager at technology companies spanning multiple industries, from Epic to Lucid Software to SirsiDynix to Shmoop. 

I am currently the Head of Content at PrepScholar, the leading destination for students applying to selective colleges. Appearing on Jeopardy! in 2022 gave me lifelong nerd cred.

I am currently seeking representation for my screenplay, Salt Lake Noir. This historical drama tells the story of Dexter Moormeister, an aspiring ex-Mormon actress whose double life cheating on her OB-GYN husband with a Persian prince catches up with her in true Depression-era noir fashion, with multiple deaths littering the façade of the promised land.

My next screenplay, Cold Fusion, explores the infamous 1989 experimental fusion debacle that inadvertently led to real-life advances in "hot" fusion technology. This story explores one Utah graduate student's quest to uncover the truth about the experiment and her own origins.

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